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Resources for Schools & Community Groups

The New York County District Attorney’s Office also offers materials that may be informative and instructive to your organizations.  Our education coordinator is available to schedule presentations for your groups on topics such as cyberbullying, elder abuse, and domestic violence.  Here, you will also find downloadable posters that explain what these crimes are and how to report them.  We encourage you to download these resources and make them available at your respective agencies.

Downloadable BrochuresOpen

Child Abuse Cases: A Guide for the Community : English | Spanish

Domestic Violence: How to Get Help : English | Spanish

Criminal Justice in New York County: Learning About the Process : English | Spanish

Community Affairs Unit : English | Spanish | Chinese

Elder Abuse Program : English | Spanish

Holiday Safety Tips : English | Spanish

Immigrant Affairs Unit : English | Spanish | Chinese

Information for G/L/B/T Witnesses and Victims : English

Legal Career Opportunities : English

Legal Bound Educational Programs : English

Northern Manhattan Office : English | Spanish

Protecting Your Safety : English | Spanish | Chinese

Protecting Children from Internet Predators : English

Protecting the Elderly from Financial Crimes : English

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft : English | Spanish | Chinese

Services for Crime Victims, Witnesses, and Their Families : English | Spanish

Sexual Assault and the Criminal Justice System : English | Spanish

Trespass Affidavit and Narcotics Eviction Programs : English | Spanish

Hate Crimes : English | Spanish | Chinese

Halloween Safety Tips : English | Spanish | Chinese

Downloadable PostersOpen

Cyberbullying : English | Spanish | Chinese

Domestic Violence : English | Spanish | Chinese

Elder Abuse : English | Spanish | Chinese

Gang Awareness : English | Spanish | Chinese

Witness Aid Services Unit (WASU) : English | Spanish | Chinese

Hate Crimes : English | Spanish

Identity Theft : English | Spanish

Immigration Fraud : English | Spanish | Chinese

Public Corruption : English | Spanish | Chinese