“S3” Cybercrime Ring

Press Release

On February 2, 2011, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced the indictments of 27 individuals in connection with “S3,” a credit card forgery and identity theft ring based in Brooklyn that compromised hundreds of bank accounts, and fraudulently purchased Apple products from stores around the country to resell for profit. The defendants, who called themselves “S3,” are accused of obtaining personal identifying information, such as names and credit card account numbers, of identity theft victims.  They then created fake credit cards, and recruited individuals to act as shoppers. These shoppers used these manufactured cards (containing the shoppers’ real names paired with stolen account information) to purchase popular electronics from stores around New York and the country. The defendants were the target of a joint investigation by the New York County District Attorney’s Office’s Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau and the United States Secret Service.