Leader of ID Theft Criminal Enterprise that Recruited Waiters at High-End Restaurants Sentenced to up to 13 Years in Prison

Press Release

On March 13, 2013, Luis “Damian” Jacas, a/k/a Damien Jaces, a/k/a “DJ” was sentenced to 4½-to-13½  years in state prison for directing and overseeing an organized criminal credit card forgery and larceny operation that used skimming devices to steal credit card data from unsuspecting diners at high-end restaurants. Jacas recruited servers at popular Manhattan steakhouses – including Café Boulud, Smith & Wollensky, The Capital Grille, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, and JoJo – to steal patrons’ credit card numbers using handheld data skimming devices. The stolen credit card data was then returned to Jacas, who used the information to forge new credit cards. The cards were then distributed to a network of complicit shoppers who used them to purchase luxury goods from retailers in New York, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and other states. The merchandise was later resold at lower prices for profit. The investigation culminated in the arrest and indictment of 29 people, many of whom have since pleaded guilty to various charges.