Public Corruption Hotline 212-335-8987

The Public Corruption Unit, part of the District Attorney's Rackets Bureau, was formed in 2014 when DA Vance expanded the Official Corruption and Public Inegrity Units into a unified Public Corruption Unit. This team investigates and prosecutes official corruption and public integrity cases. 

Prosecutors assigned to the official corruption side of the Unit investigate and prosecute NYPD officers and other uniformed public servants involved in criminal conduct, including perjury, bribe receiving, official misconduct, larceny, falsifying business records, and offenses involving the sale and possession of narcotics. Prosecutors on the public integrity side of the Unit are responsible for investigating and prosecuting all types of crimes committed by public employees, elected officials, candidates for public office, and others who hold the public trust.  The Public Corruption Unit also pursues legislative reform. 

Any member of the public with information about a crime committed by a public servant should call the District Attorney’s Public Corruption Hotline at (212) 335-8987.

Learn more about resources available to victims and witnesses of public corruption.