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Why New York City is now bleeding: The causes are complex and the solutions must be, too (Op-Ed by Cy Vance, Jr.)

But in the rush to end today’s crisis, my office will not support a return to racially discriminatory “broken windows” policing strategies, which yield no reduction in violent crime. And we won’t roll back the progress we’ve made over the last decade, using the power of our discretion to massively reduce our criminal justice footprint and the inequities that underlie unnecessary prosecutions.

The other SNL: New York City’s athletic approach to curbing rising gun violence

SNL started in 2010, the same year Cy Vance assumed the role of Manhattan DA, when the office realized that the Police Athletic League Gym in West Harlem, which usually offered sports programming for young people, was closed on weekend nights, when crime rates tend to surge, so precisely when vulnerable teens needed to stay occupied. “That made no sense to us at all,” Vance says. So, in the first iteration of SNL, they brought in coaches from Pro Hoops to offer “world-class basketball programming” to kids ages 12 to 18, providing, Vance says, “a safe and positive place to be on Saturday nights.”

Testimony before the Assembly Standing Committees on Government Operations, Consumer Affairs and Protection, Banks and Judiciary Hearing on Electronic and Remote Notarization in New York State

From a prosecutor’s standpoint, much like from a legislator’s standpoint, public safety is always of the utmost importance.  Now – while the legislature is considering modernizing notarization laws to account for the application of technology – is the perfect time to likewise consider ways to enhance the notarization laws to further account for public safety.