Monthly Archives: November 2022

D.A. Bragg Returns 16th Century Decree to the People of Mexico

“This case shows the lengths traffickers and looters will go to steal these priceless pieces of cultural and historical heritage,” said District Attorney Bragg. “We are proud to partner with our HSI law enforcement partners to return 17 objects to the people of Mexico in just the past two years alone and look forward to continuing this work together.”

Supporting Manhattan’s LGBTQIA+ community by tackling hate crimes

News of the Colorado Springs shooting was heartbreakingly tragic and painfully familiar. Once again, someone with a gun targeted the LGBTQIA+ community. We heard stunned survivors recount the horrors of the attack, we caught glimpses of a growing makeshift memorial, we saw mourners cling to each other in grief, and we learned that law enforcement was uniting to conduct a careful investigation.