Meet Cy Vance

Since taking office in 2010, D.A. Vance has expanded the impact of the Manhattan District Attorney beyond the Office’s traditional courtroom role to encompass sustained investment in communities, reform of the criminal legal system, and the proactive prevention of cybercrime, terrorism, trafficking, and other 21st-century criminal threats.

In addition to leading landmark courtroom victories in cases including Trump v. Vance and People v. Weinstein, D.A. Vance has strengthened Manhattan communities by directing aggressive investigations against eleven of the world’s biggest banks, and investing the forfeited proceeds of their economic crimes in 50 community-grounded organizations that support young people, crime survivors, and reentering New Yorkers in under-served Manhattan neighborhoods.

D.A. Vance has added justice reform to the mission of the D.A.’s Office. In addition to right-sizing the justice system by slashing the Office’s total prosecutions by 58%, D.A. Vance established New York’s first-ever: Conviction Integrity Program, College-in-Prison Program, Citywide Supervised Release Program, Implicit Bias Review, and Equity and Social Justice Advisory Board.

Under D.A. Vance’s leadership, the D.A.’s Office has repositioned itself to confront contemporary threats to New Yorkers including international cybercrime, white nationalist terrorism, human trafficking, and the national rape kit backlog. D.A. Vance co-founded and co-chairs Prosecutors Against Gun Violence and the Global Cyber Alliance, and in Washington, D.C., he successfully advocated on behalf of New Yorkers to stop the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act and enact the first-ever Congressional appropriations toward ending the rape kit backlog.

Last year, D.A. Vance won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, Trump v. Vance, which established that Presidents are not immune from criminal process, and People v. Weinstein, a “landmark step” in the field of sex crimes prosecutions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he converted the D.A.’s Office’s West Harlem Youth Opportunity Hub into a food bank; successfully lobbied the U.S. Small Business Administration to reverse its exclusion of people with criminal history from the crucial Paycheck Protection Program; and led the nation’s first major takedown of a fake vaccination card conspiracy.

D.A. Vance is a graduate of Yale University and Georgetown University Law Center.