Gun Violence Prevention Fellowship

Program Overview

Our Fellowship will provide a unique platform to create and implement gun violence prevention policies and strategies. This could include educating and mobilizing young people in Manhattan communities around the issue of gun violence, advocating for strong gun laws through New York-based media, and strengthening bonds between the emerging youth movement and existing networks of advocates and survivors. Applicants must be personally affected by gun violence in their schools, communities, or families.

The Fellowship is an ideal opportunity for an independent self-starter to create a meaningful summer experience. Fellows will be based in the Community Partnerships Unit, and will be able to draw on resources and opportunities across the Office, including but not limited to the Crime Strategies Unit, Legislative Affairs, Communications, and the Manhattan DA Academy. At the end of the program, Fellows will present innovative, youth-focused policy or legislative solutions to address gun violence based on the insight gained during their time at the DA’s Office.

Applications for our 2019 Fellowship are now closed.

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