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August 24, 2020 | New York Daily News

Don’t bring back broken windows: Manhattan DA Cy Vance argues against ratcheting back up prosecutions for smaller offenses (Op-Ed by Cy Vance, Jr.) Click For More

Rather than resorting to discredited, heavy-handed approaches to the lowest-level infractions, real investments in our communities will lay the foundation for New York success stories yet to come.

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July 10, 2020 | Amsterdam News

Community Reinvestment (Op-Ed by Cy Vance, Jr.) Click For More

After weeks of sustained, peaceful mass protest against police brutality and structural racism, America finds itself at a tipping point. The racial trauma our country is experiencing portends taking action in every facet of American life – from employment, to education, and especially to law enforcement.

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June 2, 2020 | NEW YORK TIMES

Don’t Bar Ex-Offenders From Coronavirus Aid Funds (Op-Ed by Cy Vance, Jr.) Click For More

Six weeks after the Paycheck Protection Program began pumping hundreds of billions of dollars in lifelines to businesses affected by shutdowns, one group of entrepreneurs remains frozen out of resources: those who have previous criminal history.

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March 12, 2020 | New York Daily News

On parole violations, less is more: Three DAs urge reform to stop sending people back to prison Click For More

Parole should combine support with supervision, aiding people with housing, employment, training and counseling to drive down failure and help people succeed. That’s the fairest and best way to promote public safety.

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February 25, 2020 | New York Times

Why We Need to Reform New York’s Criminal Justice Reforms (Op-Ed by 5 D.A.s) Click For More

As district attorneys in New York State, we support efforts to make our criminal justice system fairer. Fairness and public safety are not in conflict. When people trust the criminal justice system to treat everyone equitably, we are all safer.

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August 26, 2019 | Law 360

Sealing Marijuana Convictions Is A Win For Justice System (Op-Ed by Cy Vance, Jr.) Click For More

"There is no reason why a conviction for a low-level offense like smoking marijuana should follow someone for life. Two weeks ago, I joined with New York’s leading public defenders to announce that, thanks to a novel class action strategy we developed, a judge has ordered the sealing of convictions for 350 people at once."