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May 7, 2021

Testimony before the Assembly Standing Committees on Government Operations, Consumer Affairs and Protection, Banks and Judiciary Hearing on Electronic and Remote Notarization in New York State Click For More

From a prosecutor’s standpoint, much like from a legislator’s standpoint, public safety is always of the utmost importance.  Now – while the legislature is considering modernizing notarization laws to account for the application of technology – is the perfect time to likewise consider ways to enhance the notarization laws to further account for public safety.  

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April 13, 2021

D.A. Vance Delivers Remarks at Cityforum Cybersecurity Summit Click For More

"Cybercrime losses for the year 2020 are estimated at nearly one trillion dollars – almost double the loss incurred just two years before. As we survey this young decade, this virtual but very real menace is – and I believe will continue to be – one of the greatest, non-COVID threats to our companies, institutions, residents, and way of life."

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March 31, 2021

D.A. Vance Delivers Remarks on Crimes Against Asian-American New Yorkers at NYPD Press Conference Click For More

Mr. Elliot is accused of brutally shoving, kicking, and stomping a 65-year-old mother to the ground – after telling her that she didn’t belong here. Let me be clear: this brave woman belongs here. Asian-American New Yorkers belong here. Everyone belongs here. Attacks against Asian-American New Yorkers are attacks against all New Yorkers, and my Office will continue to stand against hate in all its forms.

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March 22, 2021

Testimony before City Council Public Safety Committee: FY22 Budget & Oversight Hearings Click For More

Good afternoon Chair Adams and members of the Committee on Public Safety. Thank you for the invitation to speak today about my Office’s Fiscal Year 2022 Preliminary Budget. Over the past eleven years, I am proud to have had the opportunity to appear before the City Council on numerous occasions to discuss my Office’s contributions to public safety in Manhattan and New York City. The critical support we receive each year from the City Council and the Mayor’s Office has helped us implement a wide range of criminal justice reforms over the years and to become digital innovators.

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February 11, 2021

D.A. Vance’s Letter in Support of Voting Rights for Parolees Click For More

As the Manhattan District Attorney, my job is to ensure a safer New York and a fairer justice system. To effectuate this dual mission, our Office works from the presumption that the consequences of incarceration in a New Yorker’s life should not last one more day than necessary.

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October 13, 2020

Testimony before City Council Finance and Housing and Buildings Committees Oversight Hearing on Examining the City’s Deed Theft and Deed Fraud Crisis Click For More

There are few greater threats than being displaced from one’s home.  Shockingly, that can happen through property title theft, or deed fraud, with the stroke of a pen or the click of a mouse.  Deed fraud is not only harrowing to the victim, but it also affects the integrity of real estate ownership, and real estate taxes are a substantial source of New York City revenues.  Notaries public are the gatekeepers that can thwart this criminal activity.

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