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February 23, 2021

Capacity Building for Community-Based Organizations as an Investment in Social Change: CJII Report Click For More

From its inception, the Criminal Justice Investment Initiative (CJII) rooted its investments in New York City communities most impacted by violence, and prioritized funding community-based organizations and partnerships among organizations as a core facet of its public safety investment strategy.

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December 22, 2020

Criminal Justice Investment Initiative 2020 Annual Report Click For More

Over the unprecedented past year, New York City and our nation have experienced immense suffering and trauma due to a series of crises: the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic racism in our society, and an alarming rise in gun violence in our metropolitan cities. These crises have brought into sharp relief our society’s inequalities, particularly in our justice system, and the role we, as prosecutors, must play to bring about much-needed change.

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December 9, 2020

Funding Strategic Partnerships as a Public Safety Strategy: CJII Report Click For More

As state and local governments across the country seek to improve public safety and social justice, while also confronting the fiscal challenges raised by the pandemic, collaboration is more important than ever.

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June 30, 2020

Test Every Kit: Results from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Elimination Grant Program Click For More

The jurisdictions funded under the Manhattan District Attorney’s Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Elimination Grant Program have seen tremendous results. Over the duration of the program, 32 jurisdictions across 20 states sent over 55,000 backlogged kits for testing.

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February 4, 2020

D.A. Vance’s Written Testimony in Support of S790/A3975 Click For More

In 2015, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office joined with the Governor’s Office to expand college in prison programming across the State using asset forfeiture dollars, and subsequently launched a five-year College in Prison Reentry Initiative, providing $7.3 million for post-secondary education in DOCCS facilities and a blueprint for a cohesive statewide college in prison strategy. Funding from my office will end in July of 2022 and my office does not have the resources to provide an extension.

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November 1, 2019

Ending the Prosecution of “Turnstile Jumping” (Q7) Click For More

Effective February 1, 2018, our office no longer prosecutes the overwhelming majority of subway theft of services cases. The office released statistics pertaining to the first 18 months of the policy.

Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Manhattan District Attorney's Office3 days ago
Today, we repatriated a collection of priceless 16th Century manuscripts to the people of Mexico.

Returning stolen cultural relics to their countries of origin is at the core of our mission to stop antiquities trafficking.