District Attorney Vance Statement on Hung Jury Declaration in Pedro Hernandez Murder Trial

May 8, 2015

“I would like to thank the Patz family for the courage and determination they have shown over the past 36 years, and particularly throughout this trial. The legacy they have built in the four decades since this tragedy occurred, both in raising awareness about the plight of missing children and through the creation of laws to protect them, has made our city, and our society, safer for children. 
“I would also like to thank the prosecutors in my Office and our partners in law enforcement for devoting their time, skills, and expertise to one of the city’s most painful and unresolved cases. We believe there is clear and corroborated evidence of the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The challenges in this case were exacerbated by the passage of time, but they should not, and did not, deter us.
“Finally, I would like to recognize the service of the jurors in this case. For more than three months, these men and women interrupted their lives to fulfill one of our society’s most important civic responsibilities, and I am grateful for their sacrifice and attention to this case.”