Education Programs

We believe that education and community engagement are critical components in the fight against crime. The Office’s Youth and Education Programs, coordinated through the Community Partnerships Unit, are designed to educate, empower and raise awareness on public safety issues.

Public Safety Curriculum

Assistant District Attorneys and staff conduct over 300 presentations each year on various public safety related topics.

  • Arrest to Sentence: An Overview of the Criminal Justice Process: explains the role of a District Attorney and the criminal justice process in New York County, including what happens from arrest through sentencing.
  • Bias and Hate Crimes: Don’t Be Tolerant of Intolerance: discusses bias and hate crimes. Using scenarios, the curriculum encourages individuals to explore issues including diversity, free speech, and the particular threat of hate and bias crimes to our democratic society.
  • Child Abuse: informs participants how to identify child abuse and discusses the issues relating to the mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect.
  • Bullying: discusses forms of bullying, how to recognize it, and how young people and adults can address bullying situations and prevent them from occurring.
  • Domestic Violence: Adult and Teen Dating Abuse: engages participants in a discussion about domestic violence and teen dating violence, including how to identify signs.
  • Elder Abuse: addresses the types of crimes that can be committed against the elderly and how to protect seniors from falling prey to such crimes.
  • Gang Awareness: discusses the changing landscape of street gangs in Manhattan and describes the consequences of gang involvement.
  • Human Trafficking: describes the types of human trafficking crimes that occur locally, including sex trafficking and labor trafficking, how to identify these situations and resources available to victims.
  • Identity Theft: addresses the types of crimes that can be committed over the Internet and how individuals can protect themselves in cyberspace.
  • Immigrant Fraud Prevention: addresses the victimization of immigrants, particularly in fraudulent schemes, and how individuals can protect themselves from these scams. The program encourages both documented and undocumented immigrant victims and witnesses to cooperate with law enforcement.
  • Internet Safety: discusses the ways in which individuals can be victimized online and provides useful information about how to manage one’s online presence to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • Sex Crimes: addresses issues surrounding sexual assault including the District Attorney’s role in sexual assault investigations and prosecutions and issues surrounding safety. 

Criminal Court Tours

Assistant District Attorneys explain the role of the District Attorney and the arrest to sentence process in New York County. Following this presentation, the ADA takes students, teachers and community groups to see court hearings and trials.

Sample agenda:
Arrest-to-Sentence Lecture
Tour of Criminal Court Arraignment
Visit Trial

Mock Trial Preparation

Assistant District Attorneys are available to coach your school’s mock trial team in preparation for the New York State Bar Association’s High School Tournament held each spring. We also accommodate requests from school who are hoping to build or start a mock trial team. For more information on any of these programs, please contact the Community Partnerships Unit at (212) 335- 9082.