Ending the Rape Kit Backlog

In 2014, we announced what was then an unprecedented, three-year, $38 million national investment to address this intergenerational injustice. Using dollars seized in our office’s prosecutions against major banks, we invested in 32 jurisdictions in 20 states and asked Congress to match our investment.

Three years later, DA Vance announced the results of this investment. We tested more than 55,000 rape kits. Tens of thousands of cases got a second look, and law enforcement was able to make 186 new arrests and get 64 new convictions, including 47 felony sexual assault convictions. These grants alone led to the elimination or near-elimination of backlogs in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oregon.

More importantly, our program contributed to a wave of new legislation around sexual assault kit testing and awakened national consciousness on the issue. As the number of sexual assaults reported to law enforcement continues to rise, we stand vigilantly beside those brave survivors and must ensure that every kit is tested. DA Vance called on states to enact laws that require timely testing of kits and expand the statute of limitations for felony sexual assault.