Global Cyber Alliance

In 2015, we joined with the City of London Police and Center for Internet Security to form the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), a non-profit, multi-sector coalition of organizations focused on reducing cyber vulnerability worldwide. To date, our coalition includes more than 180 global partners from over 20 different countries and more than a dozen areas of industry and practice – all working together to eradicate systemic cyber risk.

Headquartered in New York and London, GCA benefits from central locations in two of the world’s major marketplaces, facilitating broad membership and partnership opportunities with non-profit organizations, multinational corporations, and private companies.

Countries: Belgium, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Uganda, United Kingdom (England and Scotland), United States
Sectors: Government, technology, finance, defense, health, insurance, transportation, entertainment, education, manufacturing, energy, utilities

As part of its mission to combat malicious cyber activity, GCA developed a suite of free tools and implementation guides to help organizations of all sizes adopt effective defense protocols against common cyber threats, including:

  • A DMARC tool (“Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance”) designed to combat phishing and email spoofing
  • A DNS tool (“Domain Name System”) designed to leverage shared threat intelligence to prevent access to malicious websites.

To download these tools or learn more about GCA, please visit its website.