Statement by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. on DOJ’s Threats to Unlawfully Withhold Public Safety Grants as Punishment For Successful ‘Sanctuary City’ Policies

July 18, 2018

“I commend Attorney General Underwood, Governor Cuomo, Corporation Counsel Carter, and Mayor de Blasio for taking strong legal action to protect New Yorkers from these unlawful and wrong-headed public safety funding cuts.

“New York City – the safest big city in America – is proof that sanctuary policies work. We owe our safety in great part to our thriving immigrant communities, and to efforts by New York state and local authorities over many years to earn their trust. Now, the Department of Justice would unwisely have us marginalize these communities to the point where they no longer report crimes or participate in civic life. This would undermine our safety, not enhance it.

“Byrne JAG funds have enabled New York to combat gun violence, develop cutting-edge forensic science, reduce recidivism, and offer treatment in lieu of prosecution for low-level drug offenses, among other public safety achievements. Byrne JAG funds enabled my Office to build our nationally-renowned Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit, which has brought 27 gun indictments against 83 gun traffickers and removed more than 1,700 guns from New York City streets. I applaud our State and City partners for fighting for these critical dollars and refusing to reverse policies that make us more safe.”