Statement of PAGV Co-Chairs Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. and Mike Feuer on Charleston Church Shooting

June 18, 2015

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the survivors and to the families of those murdered in Charleston. This horrific shooting leaves Americans asking, yet again, how many more innocent human beings must perish before we take effective, collective action to prevent massacres like this.

“Prosecutors across the United States have joined together to say, ‘enough is enough.’ We are collaborating on best practices to combat gun crime in our jurisdictions and advancing common-sense, nonpartisan solutions to curb the epidemic of gun violence that afflicts our entire nation.

“The shootings in Charleston – and the gun violence that continues to plague communities throughout America each week – underscore our urgent need to meaningfully address this national public safety and health crisis. These senseless casualties serve only to strengthen the resolve of our growing, bipartisan coalition.”