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N.Y.’s parole reform imperative: The Manhattan DA and his likely successor urge Gov. Hochul to sign the Less is More Act (Op-Ed by Cy Vance, Jr. and Alvin Bragg)

As the serving Manhattan district attorney and the current Democratic nominee for the same office, we are joining together for the first time to ask Hochul to sign this bill because we both believe in a fundamental truth: While incarceration has a role to play in public safety, we must reduce its use, especially for people accused of low-level, nonviolent conduct.

Why New York City is now bleeding: The causes are complex and the solutions must be, too (Op-Ed by Cy Vance, Jr.)

But in the rush to end today’s crisis, my office will not support a return to racially discriminatory “broken windows” policing strategies, which yield no reduction in violent crime. And we won’t roll back the progress we’ve made over the last decade, using the power of our discretion to massively reduce our criminal justice footprint and the inequities that underlie unnecessary prosecutions.