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Pandemic Threatens Program Offering Minor Offenders Art Classes Instead of Jail Time

“Project Reset is an essential component of a modern prosecutor’s office,” Vance told Hyperallergic in an email. “At a time when New Yorkers are demanding alternatives to incarceration and a more equitable justice system, it would be a shame for City lawmakers to let this program end.”

Settlement Cash Used to Create Trauma-Focused Center in Harlem

“Prosecutors are looking at their job differently by having a broader vision of what they can do with their offices,” said Mr. Vance. A successful crime-fighting strategy requires more than just arresting people, but investing in prevention and support, he said. “Preventing [a crime] is a far better criminal justice outcome than prosecuting a crime.”

D.A. Vance Invests $8 Million To Create “Center for Trauma Innovation” in East Harlem

“The Center for Trauma Innovation will address underlying trauma and promote healing and resiliency in underserved communities, helping to interrupt cycles of violence and provide crucial resources during this period of increased gun violence in New York City,” said District Attorney Vance.

D.A. Vance, N.Y.C. D.A.s Urge City Officials not to Defund “Project Reset” in Daily News Op-Ed

“In a New York Daily News op-ed entitled For a safer NYC, save this program, the city’s five elected District Attorneys lauded Project Reset for providing thousands of New Yorkers charged with low-level offenses “the tools they need to identify and change behaviors” without entering the criminal justice system and experiencing long-lasting collateral consequences.”