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May 13, 2022

D.A. Bragg Announces Hate Crime Charges Against Konrad Pielak For Stabbing And Attacking Turkish Men Click For More

“This group of individuals was viciously attacked simply because they were Turkish. Nobody should feel unsafe sitting outside and speaking in their native language," said District Attorney Bragg.

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May 11, 2022

D.A. Bragg Urges Passage of New Legislation to Protect Individuals Involved in the Commercial Sex Trade Click For More

“New York is safer when survivors and witnesses feel comfortable reporting crimes. But individuals involved in the commercial sex trade often feel reluctant to report crimes, because they are afraid they will be prosecuted themselves for prostitution offenses," said District Attorney Bragg.

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May 10, 2022

D.A. Bragg: Lauren Pazienza Indicted for Fatally Pushing 87-Year-Old Broadway Vocal Coach Click For More

“This was a senseless and unprovoked attack,” said District Attorney Bragg. “Barbara Gustern was a beloved vocal coach who lived a vibrant and active life at the age of 87, and her loss was felt deeply by many throughout the city. "

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May 6, 2022

D.A. Bragg Announces 4-½-to-13 ½ Year Prison Sentence for Former Real Estate Attorney Mitchell Kossoff Click For More

“When clients hire counsel to represent them, they expect their attorney will follow the highest ethical standards. Yet Mitchell Kossoff violated the fundamental trust of his clients by taking millions for himself," said District Attorney Bragg.

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May 5, 2022

D.A. Bragg Announces Indictment of Former COO of U.S. Subsidiary That Operates Juan Valdez Coffee Click For More

“Rosita Joseph allegedly used her position as Chief Operating Officer to raid her employer’s coffers for personal gain, which included using hundreds of thousands of dollars for extravagant travel purchases and inflated paychecks. We will not allow unscrupulous employees to use their companies as a personal piggy bank,” said District Attorney Bragg.

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May 5, 2022

D.A. Bragg And Senator Hoylman Announce Legislation To Crack Down On Sale Of Stolen Goods Online Click For More

“It has never been easier to sell stolen products online – it is time we address this seemingly open spigot of marketplaces that freely sell these goods without consequences," said District Attorney Bragg.

Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Manhattan District Attorney's Office2 days ago
Join us for an important conversation with our office and partner organizations, about how to combat human trafficking. Topics include how the office is handling these cases, what community members can do to help survivors, and much more. Sign up at the link to join on, Wednesday, May 18th: