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Queens steel company must return $6 million in stolen wages to welders, iron workers as part of criminal plea deal

“AGL Industries and its principal, Dominick LoFaso, agreed to plea guilty to felony grand larceny, and the company will pay back the wages over five years, starting with a $1.5 million payment on Aug. 13. The Manhattan D.A.’s office is recommending a conditional discharge, with no jail time, for LoFaso.”

Governor Cuomo Announces $6 Million in Stolen Wages Recovered for Welders and Iron Workers Following Joint Investigations With NYS DOL and Manhattan DA

“This landmark conviction will restore nearly $6 million to workers who were cheated out of their rightful earnings. Hundreds of iron workers and welders will now see their wages restored, thanks to my Office’s Construction Fraud Task Force – which has restored approximately $7.4 million to workers since its creation – and the New York State Department of Labor.”

D.A. Vance and 42 Law Enforcement Leaders File Amicus Brief Urging Department of Justice to Respect Prosecutorial Discretion on Immigration Matters

“Overriding local prosecutorial determinations and attaching immigration consequences to convictions vacated for valid substantive or procedural reasons undermines transparency and a public sense of consistently applied legal principles, and therefore imperils public trust and perceptions of legitimacy.”